A Dungeon Party is a BDSM ‘play party’ where you can socialize with other kinksters. It gives kinky people the opportunity to engage in BDSM play at a public event. It is a chance to watch others interact, to meet and possibly play with new people and show off your kink in an accepting environment. Dungeon furniture such as St. Andrew’s crosses, spanking benches, racks, massage tables, rope suspension, tying spaces and other furniture are provided. Everyone brings their own personal implements and props, such as canes, restraints, floggers, whips, rope – to name a few. We will have over 20 quality stations for you to explore your kinky desires. Please bring any personal items you might need such as a blanket to lay on the table with or to wrap up in after playing. A drop cloth if you intend on getting messy is a good idea. (plastic table cloths from the dollar store work well)



A play party can be like an adult masquerade dress up party. So much to choose from; This is the perfect time to bring out your favourite, wild fetish costumes whether it be a slinky latex catsuits, leather chaps and harnesses or your baby doll outfit. Let your kinky self shine! Nudity is acceptable inside our private dungeon and event areas. Just let your inner desires and fantasies free!

Here are a few ideas:

Fantasy, fetish, leather, PVC, vinyl, latex, rubber, goth, vampire, headmaster, headmistress, military, school boys and girls, police officer, nun, priest, nurse, doctor, patient, burlesque/theatrical, exotic dancers, belly dancers, lingerie, drag, body paint or decoration, submissive, littles, furries, Dominant, kilts… If you don’t have anything special, try wearing all black. For comfort, you may take your outfit with you and change when you arrive.

Can I volunteer to help out?

Yes, you can! There are opportunities, such as setting up and tearing down the dungeon, registration, etc . For more information, contact us! With the exception of dungeon set-up and tear-down, you MUST be registered for IKF in order to volunteer.

What should I wear?

During the day at KinkFest, a more modest dress is usually seen, but that doesn’t mean you have to hold back when in the conference rooms. Feel free to be comfortable in your most intimate fetish and be able to flaunt it here in a safe and welcoming environment. It is important to note that “vanilla”, or street clothes, are required in public areas.