Interior Kink Fest Kelowna

Secretly 3 puppies in a trench coat, he jumped right into kink two years ago. He has since travelled around the island and to Vancouver in order to learn, demo-bottom and co-teach with his partner and owner, Ikeren. His interests reside mainly in rope, in particular, cruel, disfiguring, fun, strange rope, power exchange relationships, suffering, torture, puppy play, consensual non-consent, and playing with triggers. With a background in gymnastics, self defense and martial arts, his goals are to teach informative and fun classes from the perspective of a bottom-leaning switch. As a trans, queer, disabled jew, he has a strong interest in intersectionality in kink.


Kelowna Interior Kink Fest

Penisaurus_Rex is queer, non-monogamous, and usually a top. He entered into kink in the mid 90’s while living in Edmonton. Since then his curiosities and desire for knowledge has driven him to attend workshops and seek out experiences with like minded folx to learn and improve his skills. Around 4 years ago he discovered he had a love for blood and blood play and has continuously expanded and refined his skills, starting with needles, then adding in surgical staples, suturing, and artistic cutting. Most recently he’s begun exploring and playing with saline infusions. He is always seeking to better his skills and explore new ones through workshops and skill shares.


Kelowna Kink Fest

Ikeren has been learning rope for 8 years, and he dearly wants to keep learning as much as possible. He’s been a host of the Victoria Rope Dojo most of that time, and has taught beginner and intermediate rope to hundreds of people in formal classes as well as at skill shares. He’s learned at Vancouver’s Westcoast Bound, Victoria’s Conception Conference, as well as from weekend intensives with KinkRX, Ronnie, Barkas, Peter Slemrian, and many others. His style is a mix of flow and sadism, but he’s always happy to try something new. He’s a Fox with Ropes on Facebook and Instagram.

Aside from rope, Ikeren has a passion for impact and chemical play, is a profound sadist. He’s ran Asylum Victoria, Victoria’s 35 and Under group for 3 years. In real life he’s planted a million trees, which he is inordinately proud of, and he has a profound interest in pedagogy and how, and if, we learn or change our minds.


Kelowna BDSM

Mia identifies as a Leather bottom, with taboo, erotic humiliation and consensual non-consent being the foundations of her kink. She enjoys teaching workshops that help to debunk some of the misconceptions, and highlight the eroticism, around these types of play. She loves cigars, boots, and Sadists. She is also passionate about and committed to providing workshops geared specifically to bottoms. Mia has been playing, learning, teaching, hosting and producing events in the community for many years. She is drawn to deep and honest connections with the desire to engage with like-minded deviants. She approaches kink with respect, a healthy


Okanagan Kink Fest

Wicked D has been a member of the Vancouver BDSM community for 15 years and has volunteered for many of those years with local events including MVK and Rascals. Having picked up whips, floggers and other impact toys early on and gaining experience Wicked D now shares his skills and teaches regular workshops in his home and in private sessions. He is also the facilitator for the Vancouver Whip throwers group at the monthly MVK sponsored whip practice at the Wise Hall. Wicked D has lived the D/s lifestyle for all his kinky life and is an active member of MAsT Greater Vancouver Chapter for the past three years and enjoys sharing his D/s experience.  


Kelowna Interior Kink Fest

We are Team Soup… perverts who really like to do dirty soupy things! We are into s/m and leather, while injecting a little chaos and whimsy. We strive to bring humor, sexuality and passion into our brutality.
Polar and nephesh are known for a play style and workshops that lean towards the edgier styles of play; knives, bare handed impact, and blood play to name a few. We live in a 24/7 authority transfer dynamic and we are deeply passionate about power imbalance dynamics and the people who live and explore within them.