We’ve invited some of BC’s top artisans specializing in BDSM and sexuality products including hand crafted floggers, collars, cuffs and sex toys. These knowledgeable and experienced vendors can help you find that perfect new addition to your ‘toy’ box.


At Black Widow Floggers a master crafts-minion is dedicated to bringing each custom piece of leather work to life, for all your kinky pleasures. Black Widow is dedicated to making quality products customized to the needs and desires of all kinds of players. Longer, shorter, wider, thinner, or your favorite colors; Black Widow is here to take your toys and your scene to the next level with elegant, refined and quality toys designed to be used. Perfect for expanding your collection and showing that special S/someone how much you care. 


We pride ourselves in original, artistic, handcrafted pieces constructed using the finest hardwoods, and designed to deliver a creative blend of whimsical beauty, functionality and form.


Locally made candles handcrafted for safe wax play or simple ambiance.

Leather Emporium

The popup trunk sale is moving inside for this event. Come and browse the inventory we have, to add to your tickle trunk. Every piece is handmade and one of a kind.

Marc is a local artisan finds leather and makes it into some really great outfits. There is everything from corsets to skirts, collars and cuffs.