The Art of the Whip

Presenter: Wicked D

Exploring how whips work and how to use them safely in a scene in this hands on workshop for beginners to intermediate throwers. We will cover whip care and different sources for whips. We will also touch on how to bottom for whips. Some whips are available and can be shared but if you have one, bring it along! There will be targets to practice on. No people other than the demo bottom will be whipped during the workshop.

Flogging for Fun and Profit

Presenter: Wicked D

An introduction to floggers, a brief history. How to use them safely in a BDSM scene. A hands on workshop to learn safety and scene development. Parts of the body to avoid and where to get the best results. Learning the basic techniques to develop great scenes. Where to get and how to care and store floggers. A bottom or switchy type partner is recommended for the hands on portion of the class. Some floggers will be available if you don’t have any.

Sadistic Rope

Presenter: Ikeren & ParadoxPuppy

Come learn some painful and fun things you can do with rope! Rope can be whatever you want it to be about, be it connection and intimacy, flow and style, spectacular suspensions, sex…whatever you want. This class, however, is just about hurting people with rope. Please bring a person to tie on who enjoys some pain. Shoulder length hair or longer is an advantage for the hair ties.

Pre-requisites: Know a single column tie, know how to join rope.
Amount of Rope required: two 15 foot lengths, two 30 foot lengths, rope cutters, but we have loaner rope available for use.

Passionate Rope: Escaping the Tyranny of the Knot

Presenter: Ikeren & ParadoxPuppy

When it comes to rope, there are two parts (and a million theories about how many parts of rope there are). The first is the how of rope; how do you tie a specific tie? Where does this hitch go? What knot was that again? And there is also the Why of rope – why do I want to do this with my partner? Why are we here? What type of interaction do we want to have?

This class will go over connection exercises, exploring the ways you interact with your partner, and ways to shape those interactions.

Pre-requisites: Know a single column tie, know how to join rope, and a partner you’re willing to connect and engage with, or a willingness to pair up and connect with others.
Amount of Rope required: two 15 foot lengths, three 30 foot lengths, rope cutters.

Shinju’s and Gunslingers

Presenter: Ikeren & ParadoxPuppy

This class will go over the Shinju chest harness, show how to tie into it, and where it does and doesn’t work, as well as closer checks on tensioning. Then we’ll go through the Gunslinger hip harness and get people the harnesses they need for the next class, and for basic suspensions in the future.

Pre-requisites: A single column tie, rope handling, coiling and joining rope.
Amount of Rope required: two 15 foot lengths, three 30 foot lengths.

Lifts, Throws, Dips and Pulls

Presenter: Ikeren & ParadoxPuppy

Inspired by both swing dance and performing at venues without hard points, this class is going to cover safety and tips and tricks for lifting, throwing, and pulling your rope bottom around. From experience doing personal training, martial arts and rock climbing, we’ll talk about strength, balance, and leverage, and how you can use them to your advantage with rope to create interesting, intense scenes and performances.

No pre-requisites for listening and watching:

Tying individuals or pairs should meet the following pre-requisites and material:

Ability to tie a chest harness, hip harness, single columns, and rope joins. The previous class in the series will cover this material. This is also a highly physical class, tying/throwing folxs will get most out of it if they are in physical condition to lift their bottoms weight in various positions. Folxs being tied will find practice falling advantageous, though we will do some in class.

Rope kit: Whatever kit you regularly use for suspension, including safety shears and rope cutter.

How to Shiv a Bitch!

Presenter: Team Soup

Knives are so much more than a way to remove wax. Knives are sensual, seductive and sharp! In this workshop we will explore the basic knife types, their anatomy, their care and feeding, the safety aspect and of course basic technique on how to seduce a mind with them.

So come join in while we learn from each other and really get to the point (and the edge and the side and the handle) of this oft under utilized piece of gear.

Having fun fucking up bodies! or Why so serious!?

Presenter: Team Soup

Beat or get beaten that is question…right? Sadomasochism is a beautiful multi spectrum way of expressing desires. From bare handed over the knee spanking to whips to floggers and then some really messed up and insanely fun stuff. Boring and lifeless play…who the hell has time for that! Let’s put on the ol’ thinking toque and explore making S/m fun again. Explore how energy, imagination and sometimes downright goofiness can lead to some of the best scenes

Only Skin Deep: Needle Basics

Presenter: Penisaurus_Rex

This workshop will cover the basics of needle play, equipment, techniques and how they can be integrated into a scene. Learn about marking and making patterns and wound care. Safety, risks, wound care and how to deal with accidents will also be covered, along with a live demonstration.

Prerequisites: Interest in needles and blood.
No previous training is required.

Going a Little Further: More Than Needles

Presenter: Penisaurus_Rex

This workshop will cover more advanced and bloody play and techniques. Cutting, suturing, and surgical staples will be explored as well as other ways to break the skin. As with Needle Basics, there will be a live demonstration and we will review safety, risks, wound care and how to deal with accidents will also be covered.

Prerequisites; Either have taken “Only Skin Deep” or have previous knowledge of play piercing and how to play clean and safe.

Playing it UNsafe: Survival Tactics for ‘Bad’ Bottoms

Presenter: Mia

Are you an ‘s’ type that either has bad boundaries or your kink is such that negotiation is a serious buzz kill? Do you lean towards consensual non-consent dynamics, or get off on having your boundaries challenged or stomped on? Do you prefer to dive into the dark waters and deal with the consequences later? If you related to some or all of these but still want to keep yourself mostly intact, happy and ready for more, then this is the class for you.

This will be a lecture and discussion class, with time for questions and sharing. Suitable for those of all levels of experience.

When WRONG Feels So RIGHT – Erotic Taboo Play

Presenter: Mia

As someone whose kink is primarily informed by taboo, it will be my pleasure to share my insight, and help the rest of group share and explore their relationship/s with taboo and kink. We will talk about how to bring our erotic desires to fruition and get clear on the ones that may need to stay in our fantasies. We will cover finding partners, ideas on how to engage your kink and possible considerations; including triggers and responsibly.

This will be a lecture and discussion class, with time for questions and sharing.